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Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology Russian Academy of Sciences

Head of the Laboratory - Doctor (physical and mathematical sciences), Prof. Zasedatelev Alexander Sergeevich.
The laboratory was founded in the middle of 1980s by the Academician A.D. Mirzabekov(1937-2003), who also initiated biochip technology.

Biochip nanotechnology allows fast (in several hours) identification of:
  • Tuberculosis and its drug-resistant forms (49 mutations). Test-system TB-BIOCHIP
  • Influenza A subtypes (30 subtypes) including birds flu (H5N1 subtype).
  • HIV, hepatitis B and C, herpes simplex, neonatal infections.
  • Extremely dangerous infections (plague, anthrax, smallpox, etc.).
  • Chromosomal impairments at oncological diseases. Test-system LK-BIOCHIP
  • Genetic susceptibility to oncological diseases and individual tolerance for definite types of drugs. Test-system PF-BIOCHIP
  • Individual genetic markers. Test-system IL-BIOCHIP
Biological microchips allow carrying out quantitative immunoassay:
  • Prostate cancer diagnostics. OM-BIOCHIP(PSA) test-system
  • Assay of six markers of oncological deseases (AFP, HCG, CEA, NSE, two forms of PSA). Test-system OM-BIOCHIP
Development and distrbution of bichip-based test-systems is accomplished by the BIOCHIP-IMB, Ltd (in Russian).

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Basic fundamental and applied researches and developments:
  • Study of structure and functions of biomolecules and biomolecular complexes.
  • Study of genetic mechanisms.
  • Development of biochips for the basic researches.
  • Development of biochips for the medical diagnostics and storing SNP databases.
  • Development of biochip technology for custom microchips.
  • Development of technology for mass production of microchips.
  • Transfer of biochip technology and training of personnel by request of medical and scientific organizations.