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Main elements of technology

In the matrix molecular biochips the cells with immobilized probes form L rows with M cells. Each cell contains probes with particular molecular specificity.
An arrow points to an individual pad.

The characteristic longitudinal dimensions of the cells are about ~100 microns, the characteristic values of concentrations of analyzed macromolecules are commonly ranged within ~1pM-10?M, while the longitudinal dimensions of microchip are about ~1см.
A gel-based microchip with immobilized oligonucleotides produced by Laboratory of Molecular Biochips IMB RAS.

In the gel microchips developed in Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology the probes are immobilized within oblate hemispherical gel pads with diameter ~100 micron. Immobilization is performed via covalent binding at the irradiation of ultraviolet light. Immobilized probes are printed on substrate with pins of mechanical robot.
Manufacturing of Biochips.
Quality control of pad printing is performed with specialized optics and computer processing of images.

Analyzed molecules in solution are labeled by fluorescent dye (commonly Cy3 and/or Cy5). Fluorescence intensity from the pads is measured with fluorescent microscope with CCD-camera.
Device for analyzing biochips with portable fluorescent microscope developed in IMB RAS.
main elements of technology
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2D and 3D biochips comparison
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